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Welcome to Arkham!

As a visitor to scenic and historic Arkham, Massachusetts, we hope that you enjoy your trip and will take this opportunity to visit Miskatonic University, founded 200 years ago by Roger Barton Williams. Miskatonic is a world-renowned educational institution and is perhaps the best-known feature of Arkham.

Visitors to Miskatonic usually find it easiest to take Innsmouth Drive north toward the University. Innsmouth Drive is a pleasant, shadowed lane which will deliver parents, students, and visitors to Miskatonic's main entrance, Celaeno Hall. Celaeno Hall is known for its gracefully cyclopean architecture, and intricately flowing c urves and angles. Once at the University, you may well wish to visit the many exhibits and classes on science and the arts.

The physics department, housed in the Yuggoth Building, is one of the most modern in the world, conducting cutting-edge research into the very nature of the universe. It stands on a par with such schools as nearby MIT and distant CalTech. Miskatonic's literature collection, housed in Leng Library, is easily the rival of Widener Library at Harvard University.

Miskatonic also boasts a thriving medical school, and one of the best hospitals in the region. The trauma center, the Charles Dexter Ward, handles most of the medical emergencies in the area. Chief Surgeon Herbert West is an expert in his field and has handled numerous difficult and unusual cases. The school of veterinary medicine, located in the Ulthar Building, is also most impressive.

Located in the Kadath Building is Miskatonic's top-notch archaeology department, one of the best in the world. Miskatonic boasts some of the top names in the field, and their reputations would put many another school to shame. The recently completed Miskatonic expedition to Antarctica is only an example of the department's quality.

Research into dreams and the human psyche is another ongoing project at Miskatonic. Housed in Sarnath Hall, the Sleep and Dream Institute is pushing back the frontiers of human consciousness and extending our understanding of the inner-workings of the mind.

For lunch, you may wish to visit one of Miskatonic's many dining halls. The Tindalos Room is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the prices are quite reasonable. It serves some of the best hotdogs in Arkham. In addition to its culinary reputation, the Tindalos room is also remarkable for its unusual architecture: there are no corners. Every surface appears to flow elegantly into every other surface. For those seeking a midnight snack, the Hali Lounge, located in the Derleth Student Union, is open twenty-four hours a day, serving coffee, donuts, bagels, and snacks of various sorts. Faculty and invited guests often eat in the Caf‚ Dagon, justly famed for its fish dishes.

Evenly spaced and surrounding the academic buildings in the center of campus are the living quarters. Miskatonic boasts three large dormitories and two apartment complexes, giving the University a star shape when seen from the air. While most of the students live in the dorms or off-campus living groups, some do take advantage of the apartments, as do many single faculty members. Managed by the Delapore family, the apartment complexes provide Miskatonic students and faculty convenient and comfortable living quarters at affordable prices. As part of the service, newspapers and other things can be delivered to your doorstep.

We hope you enjoy your visit to scenic Arkham and Miskatonic University!

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