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June 18-20, 2004
San Jose, California

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Welcome to ContactCon '04!  The Bay Area's newest science fiction convention is starting with a real bang. What could be more exciting than a weekend devoted to alien contact? Fans from all over are coming; the costuming looks to be absolutely fantastic.  Distinguished guests from popular television series promise to make the convention a big success.  All those UFO sightings in the past few weeks are just coincidence.  Or are they?

Something Strange Is Going On . . .

Why are so many prominent scientists, military officials, and business men showing up?  Isn't this taking multi-media to a bit of an extreme?  And the costumes!  Those tentacles look incredibly realistic.  Why would anyone go to such lengths to produce such awful smelling slime?  Could it be a prop from one of the TV shows?  But doesn't Babylon 5 use computer rendering?  Just what has happened to the weapons policy?  Some of those toy guns look oddly functional...  How do those guys get that little black box to float six inches off the ground?   What about the legendary ghost of the Hyatt San Jose?  Just another clever effect?  Why would anyone come to a science fiction convention dressed as a gangster?  And that guy with the floppy hat and long scarf?  Nah, couldn't be...


What is Live Role-playing?

Welcome to Nexus.  You and 74 others will become scientists, military officers, diplomats, and other visitors to ContactCon '04. Together, we'll create an exciting alternate history.

Your character is described in a short story about your background and goals, not as a set of statistics. The simple, safe, card-based rules let you back your clever speech up with a little muscle (even if you're a klutz in real life), but encourage creative role-playing and dramatic interaction between characters.

The only audience is you, and there's no script: your actions will shape the future.

Live role-playing is a great way to meet new friends, solve mysteries, and save the world (or take it over!).

Join us at the haunted Hyatt Hotel for the first ContactCon.  It promises to be a unique experience. . .


When and Where?

Date: 18-20 June 2004

Place: Hyatt San Jose, 1740 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95112. Call 408-993-1234 and mention SIL-West to receive our special room rate of $89/night.

Cost: $75, $85 after 15 May 2004, and $95 at the door.

Gamesmasters: Steve Balzac, George Cole, Barry Eynon, and Tom Lehmann

Signup & Casting Questionnaire
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Signup must be printed and mailed to SIL West with payment!

Contact: Society for Interactive Literature West
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Nexus Players Community

Signup & Casting Questionnaire
PDF Flyer
Tips for Playing with Style and Success

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